Rowlets Digital Journey Upgrade

For this semester, I had decided to teach myself how to draw digitally. One thing for sure it is not easy. Just like drawing on paper I needed to first understand the fundamentals of shape. How different shapes goes together and how details are very important to help define your figure. I stated drawing pokemon as they are simple and their colour pallet wasn’t too complex. After that I started experimenting more on the different kinds of techniques I could use on photoshop to help me in my drawing. One of the problems I had looking for techniques to use was not knowing what I could do.

For example learning to lock my layer so when I paint it does not go out of that layer (Youtube, 2013). I discovered this technique from watching videos on Youtube and I was not actively searching for this. Another issue I had when I was drawing was that sometimes my tablet doesn’t follow my pen. Some occasions it would blink out and a very thick line will pop up out of nowhere. It’s easy to correct it as I can click the undo button but this just shows a communication error that is happening between the pen and the tablet. How the tablet works is that it generates a magnetic field. The pen also creates its own magnetic field and the tablet reads that. This allows it to determine the location of the pen (Kershner, 2017). Maybe the reason why there was a delay with the pen can be due to something in my surrounding that affected it.

One of the hardest obstacles I had to face in this project was discovering my art style. Using reference photos to draw is always important but at times I feel like I’m doing a replication. I had to test myself and try different art styles, an art with more line work or an art with no lines and just colour. Going through this was very important to be as it allowed me to understand that whatever I draw is not for nothing. Whatever I draw is helping me refine my skills and it allows me to rediscover what kind of art I want to create. Similar to how pokemon is constantly evolving in both its character and its art style. If we were to compare the first-generation Pikachu with the current generation (Pokémon sprites, art evolve over the years 2017). It’s art styles are completely different, even the colour pallet has changed. The reason for this change is because pokemon was moving from a painting on cels to digital coloring (Anime News Network 2016). However, people were not too happy about this change. Instead pokemon added noise filters on their image to purposely make it look more cel-like and less digital. As time passes they decrease the noise filter bit by bit till it was no more (Anime News Network 2016). This is important to highlight because it shows that technology helps redefine art.

Which brings me back to the question of what is considered art. There are many theories of what art is. Plato first idea on what is considered art is the ability to copy or imitate something that is beautiful or meaningful (Marder, 2017). Then there are people like Immanuel Kant who believes that art has no concept and the art should be judged alone for its qualities (Marder, 2017). If that is the case, why is it that we do not see an art gallery filled with digital art? One of the reasons why I believe digital art is still being rejected is due to its “singular value” being non-existent. Digital art allows multiple people to have a copy of the art and because of that its value has dropped, it is no longer unique. We also have to look at art as a money-making industry. If the industry were to accept digital art as real art. The foundation of art changes. People would not need to buy canvases, brushes or paint to make art. The industry itself will be deeply affected by this change in both its philosophy and business. Hence why it is still rejected. They are not ready to accept this game-changing technology but one day they will have too. If they don’t they themselves will be killing their own industry.

My final problem I had with this project was recording and editing the video. I tried using several apps to try and record my screen but some of them could not work. This is because a game needed to be played at the background so that I may record. I finally manage to find a feature on one of my laptop apps called Xbox that lets me record without a game being played. The next problem was editing the video as I had a lot of footage. Even speeding it up eight times still made the video lengthy. At the end, I decided to cut off parts which I thought were not important to help shorten the video. This was when my video I had edited got corrupted and I had to redo the entire thing from scratch. Overall my experience with this project has been amazing. I have managed to teach myself on how to draw and I have learned many different techniques that can help improve my drawing. I am still yet to find my own art style but until then all I have to do is experiment and practice.

Digital Artwork






Rowlet Upgrade.jpg



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Before Success Comes Failure

There were many different layouts I had tried to make during this semester.

First Failure: Learning Space


Second Failure: VR Molecule


Third Failure: Howls Moving Castle



First Success: Meditation Island


-Creating the landscape


-Materials and Textures added to the island


-Adding wind to the leaves


-Adding Sound


-Changing the texture of the water


-Overview of the map

A short video showcasing what the world I have develop looks like.

Im Out.gif

Not Like The Other

Card Sleve.jpg

For Digc330 I created a game called One Of Us Is Not Like The Other. The game has many different versions as it can be expanded to all sorts of different character. The first prototype I did was based on a variety of mythology. From werewolf to sirens and will-o-wisp. Game Play Crash Course!

The game is story base where players would have to use the cards in their hand and form a story. There are 3 things that much be achieved for you to win.

  • You must use all the cards in your hand
  • Your creature must be the main character by the end of the story
  • Finally you must not have the curse card by the end of the game


The issue behind this project was the art. As it was works taken from different artistes on devianart. Being passionate for this project I have decided to up my game and teach myself on how to do. I have invested into getting a tab to draw it out digitally but at the moment I’m sticking with paper to get the basics of drawing. Here are some samples that I have done.

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-07 at 1.58.22 PM.jpegWhatsApp Image 2016-10-07 at 1.58.22 PM (1).jpeg

Here is a link to my Instagram account. Follow me if you want to get more updates on this project!

The rules of the game is also available here so have a look if you’re interested in it!


Turning A Gallery Spaceless

Game Cultures

For my second project I was given a task to recreate parts of an art gallery into a virtual world. Before I get into that, let me give you a little history behind the project. The software that I am using to achieve this project is Unreal Engine 4. This program was used to make several well know games such as Bioshock Infinity , Boarderlands 2 and Dishonored . Unreal was one of the first programs that provided a level editor for FPS (First Person Shooter) and had extensible C++ core that allowed better control and manipulation within the game (Herwig, 2002).


Unreal is a free program that provides people with the necessary tools to develop a game (, 2016). It is not only limited to computer games, this engine can also make games for mobile, console and virtual reality (VR). The program provides a variety of sources such as…

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Virtual Print EP.4 The Actual Idea

This is the last video for my project. The whole experience was great and I did manage to get a lot out of it. For my final video I did my very best in recreating the idea of using 3D printed objects as an interactive tool with the Oculus Rift. Although it is not exactly what I had in mind but it is close to it. In the video I had 3D printed out this guy


The game I had used to help convey my idea is called “Reus” a came developed by Abbey Games. In the game you are a bunch of giants (Sea, Swamp, Ocean and Rock Giant) That can manipulate the environment as you like. However mankind on the other hand you have no control of and from the environment you create mankind will develop from it.

So in the video I used “Oculus” in playing the game but instead of using a mouse I used the printed giant as the interactive tool in the game. With the knowledge and editing skills I have I did my best in making it as realistic as possible. I hoped you have enjoyed it and I shall leave you with a question to boggle your mind. Will Oculus team up with 3D printing in actually making something like this happen?

On a side note there is a place in the US that has made something very similar to this but instead of using 3D printed items they actually made the whole place as the interactive tool. It is called The Void heres a link if you are interested in finding more about it.

Once again hope you enjoyed it!


Virtual Print EP.3 As A Gamer

Generally I have interviewed what people have though about this idea. Now to actually see if gamers are really interested in an idea like this.

From the interviews it is clear that they are generally interested about Oculus and its capability. With my idea on adding 3D printed objects as an interactive tool within Oculus. They all agreed that it will take the next level in making the games more immersive. It is great to see a positive responds from gamers about this idea and how their anticipation on what more virtual reality has to offer. Till the next post! Thanks for watching! Here are some of the games which I have tried to portray the gamers that were interviewed. The games used were

  • Skyrim
  • Battlefield 4
  • Legend of Zelda

Syyrim AXE Battle Zelda

Virtual Print EP.2 What do you think?

Continuing from last week’s video. The idea I had in mind for Oculus and 3D Printing or how these two mediums will work together. Is for Oculus to recognize 3D printed objects and those object become the interactive tool in the game. Confuse? Imagine you are playing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 game. You could print a wand and the Oculus interact with the printed wand. Which then recognizes what it is and make that your tool in the game. So you would no longer be clicking your mouse to shoot spells. You would be saying the spells and casting it from the wand. Giving the game a more realistic and immerse feeling. I then interviewed some people on this idea and see what their responses are. At the end of the video I had try to create this idea by using photoshop the interviewers into games and using 3D printed item as their interaction tools. The games that were featured are:

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
  • Skyrim
  • Star Wars

As a conclusion. This idea is still at its beginning stage and does have its limitation but from the responses from the interviews there is an interest in this idea. How will it continue to expand and change gaming, even communicating with others tune in next week for another update. Thanks!

Things You Should Know #TYSK #VirtualPrint #OculusRift

Digital Artefact #VirtualPrint


This is the start of my major project. It is something new and something that has not been made, it is an idea. How it expands is up to everyone. I will not be telling what my idea would be yet but here is a short introduction on what it is about. Basically the two platforms I would be interested in is Oculus Rift and 3D Printing. How I decide to make this work? Only time can tell.

Hope you enjoy the video and do follow up if you are interested to know more!

Things You Should Know #TYSK