Let’s Talk Machine To Machine


Technology is now shifting towards being more connective and more custom to our own profile. Why do I say that? It’s simple, your smartphone itself is a great example. Our phones now are able to connect to several different machines. There are apps in your phone that allows you to control your television, fan, air condition and many other devices. There are also other machines that are being made which allows you to link it with you home system. So when you come home it becomes your helper.

An example of a helper is Jibo. This is the first social robot, he is able to talk and interact with people. He is also able to remember aspects of who he spoke with and then customizing itself to fit his user. Here is a quick video to show you what he can do.

Other very interesting invention that is yet to come is the smart kitchen counter. It’s a kitchen counter top that allows you to interact with the food you place on the table. This means that it can help show receipts to you and show you what food combinations you can create with the food you have. Here is another video to help you get a better picture on what I am saying.

Now coming back to the topic at hand. What is happening now is that our devices are now connected to one another. Example Jibo can become connected to you house lights. Turning them on when you come in the room. The Kitchen counter is connected with the fridge, tell you what you can make with the stocks you have. Most importantly devices are now connected to the cloud. This means that they have an unlimited amount of knowledge as they are connected to the internet. So asking these devices anything is basically them googling what you want to know.


The biggest issue behind all these devices is safety. People are worried that they can be hacked and will then expose information about the user. It is an issue but I think we have to understand that security itself is fake. Nothing is full proof. There is always a chance that someone can break through it. That is why necessary measures were taken to help prevent these things from happening. Overall I see that the future has lots of interesting devices to come but it also means that we have to be more observant on what we use and what we need to do to keep ourselves safe.

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We Want Freedom And Privacy

Do we notice how hypocritical we are with our information? This is how I see it. We as people post things online. It can range from Facebook, Instagram and all the way down to 4chan. So basically our information is out and in public. What we have learn from Teds lecturers is that people can easily copy and paste our information around. For example Tumblr, once you post a picture people can go around and reblog it as much as they like.


At the same time people can take the post and make it “their own”. As they can just remove the source and copy paste the picture. The internet has now become a copy paste culture or if you like to sugar coat it. “Reblog/Share” network. Another example is a YouTuber I love to watch. Someone copied his name and reposted his videos on a whole new account. People could see it is fake but the thing is that he so easily copy and pasted his videos.


Which comes to my second point. We post our information out to the “public” but then we also want it to be “private”. Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s kind of interesting how this works. Another aspect I would like to point out is how we so called don’t like giving our information to websites. If you think about it we have already given them our information when you decided to sign in an account using your facebook account. By doing that you are giving that website all the same information you have on your facebook. Sounds like a copy and paste to me.

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Whistle-Blower Arrested?


Hackers are a focus to be recon with. There are both good and bad parts to it but for this post I would focus more on the positive side of things. Hacktivism can be used to expose critical information that is being help back from the public. People with power do not agree with the hacktivism culture. Or at least those who have something to hide and is not happy when they are brought to light. Basically hackers are whistle-blowers, however sometimes the people you expose are so corrupted that things ends weirdly.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, was being exposed for a large sum of $700 million that had been deposited into his personal account. The government has called the money they received as “political donations” from Middle Eastern. When further information is requested about the funds, no additional information is release. Najib had also sacked his attorney general and deputy prime minister after the incident. He had also made several other moves that caused the investigation to go stale.

Najib is also part of the 1MDB which is supposedly used to help Malaysians which are not doing financial well. Billions of dollars has went missing through overseas deals and the company is not going through massive debts.

Coming back to the topic, the whistle-blower has ended up being charged. Sometimes exposing is really not enough to bring justice to people. At the end of the day it’s all about connections. Who you know can help you get away with a lot of things. What has this world become?

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We All Know #Bersih


Currently Malaysia is going through a terrible phase. Where the government seems to be helping its people but in reality they are robbing its people of its riches. Thanks to Social Media the people of Malaysia can come together. The name of the champagne is called Bersih. When translated to English it means clean. There are several goals to the champagne but some of the main points are to have a clean electoral roll, reform the current postal ballot (as it’s not fair for everyone) and to stop the corruption that is happening.

So far there had been 4 rallies, each with an increasingly more amount of supporters. Social media is helping coordinate these rallies as updates are always being posted and location to meet. I have been to one of these rallies before and it is intense. However a peaceful rally is hammered as tear gas and water cannons were used in some of the rallies. During this time people were continuously tweeting about where the areas are being hit by the gas and safes spots where members can go to and collect themselves.
With technology the rallies are becoming more coordinated. Hashtag becomes an important tool for people to find and distribute message about the rally #bersih.



This has been going on since 2007 and this year there will be another rally. The organisation is now utilizing the technology we have and has as participants of the rally to use an app call ‘Prime’. This apps provides the necessary news as well as instance updates on the situation. Not only that but Facebook pages are made to help more information to be distributed around the people. People can also go on Periscope and stream to the world what is happening at that very moment of the rally. As a conclusion social media has allowed more information to travel to more people in an instance. Authority figures can never shut this down as there are always different nodes that the people can use and disseminate information. This year’s rally will take place on 19 November 2016. The hashtag being used is #KonvoiBERSIH5 hopefully things can turn out better.


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iFacebook vs AndroidChan










Going through this week’s topics on iOS vs Android is almost similar with the concept of 4Chan and Facebook. One provides the users with the ability to do whatever they like to their device (Android = 4Chan). While the other provides users on how they should use their devices and what they can and cannot do (iOS = Facebook).


We can also related to how Apple and Android is on the long tail effect. Apple being more popular goes all the way to the front and Android goes to the back (Before you disagree hear me out). How does this create the long tail effect? Simple, because Android is an open source people can customize how their system works. This in return creates the long tail as Android is allowing users to create and make their own experience that is unique to themselves. Hence a niche market is made and the system is forever making even more niche markets. As other person can take it and adjust it even more. Sounds a bit like 4Chan as people creates new trends or similar trends but they still cater to many unique individuals.

Now coming to Apple products, you can’t do anything to it. If you want to change how the system works you would have to be in Apple itself and even then there is someone there that says what you can and cannot do. The system that Apple uses is not bad. In fact it is good, that is why it is so popular with people. The system is easy to use and you can say it’s catered to the masses so that no further changes needs to be done by the user.

Coming back to the first point I made. Apple is like Facebook. Why? With the new release of iPhones new earphones ( AirPods ). Not only is it wireless but even the phone itself has no jack. So what if I have a better set of earphones that I prefer to use. Well now I can’t use them at all! Apple is trying to create a wall garden where the only thing that is good is them. You don’t need anything else. If you don’t like it well too bad. Just as how Facebook is like. You don’t like the new policies we have? Too bad. Even if we don’t like these new changes we are still going to use their services, sounds familiar?

Pay Attention To……Oh Look YouTube!



Because this is what he said in class

When did this change come about? I’m talking about the sudden abundance of information we have access to us. We were once reliant on legacy media such as newspaper and television to inform and entertain us. Now with access to the internet we have been given the option to choose the information we want. In fact we are not limited to just finding information. We can now create our own content and post it on different platforms. Just like how reddit work and even 9gag.

Now having said that we are now overloaded with this sudden surge of amateur content. Do not fear as we are able to decide which content we appreciate most with up and down votes. What is happening here is that the information is turning into a long tail. This means that the top or most viewed content will be at the front and the rest of the information will fall back creating a tail which will keep going infinitely. The tail becomes a niche content. Just because it does not reach the front of the chart does not mean it’s not valuable to someone else.



But having all that content which does replicate from one another. Is that information valuable? Just like the saying goes in ‘The Incredibles’


So if there is a lot of content which are similar where is the value in it? The answer is in our attention. Being able to stay on and focus on something is the only value left from this floor of information. As I type this very post my attention is also shifting towards this youtuber who is playing a game and scaring the life out of himself. So summing the whole post up. We are now in control with what information we want to hear. As well as because information can now be easily found. The value in information is now our attention.

I’m Reading This But Doing Something Else

Our generation is shifting in many aspects. One of the great changers that has occurred is something known as liquid labour. What this means is that jobs are shifting from a standstill, too a constant movement of different jobs. Still not sure? Imagine this, you could be working in an office and you have the usual paper work to go through. At the same time you are learning a new set of photoshop skills that are benefiting you for your other job. Still not getting the picture? Well basically what is happening is that people are now having a more horizontal work flow when it comes to their job. The idea of being a freelance is being in liquid labour. Another good example of liquid labour is how waiters or waitress are always on call. If someone is unable to work that day you would get a call to come in. If you decline to come in another person can easily come in and fill that spot. You see what’s happening here?

This meme was done by Kriss and the post is linked here.

How this started was the shift of industries. The world as we know it is changing to a more knowledge base work society. Note knowledge is different from information. Due to the flow of information that is constantly coming our way. In fact we even do something know as bleeding presence. What this means is that we might physical be here right now but at the sometime we are else where. We could be checking twitter, facebook heck you could have several tabs open right now and playing with your phone while reading this post. We do this because we are observing what the flow of information is coming our way. What’s it about, is it interesting, can I use it? That is consider as data. Knowledge is when we take that data and turn it to something useful. It’s also important to know that knowledge and information works hand in hand (“Difference Between Knowledge and Information”, 2009). Without each other there is no other. With that being said I leave you all a question. Since we are moving more towards a liquid labour force is there actual security in the jobs we do? If people can easily outsource their projects to freelancers as they have the capability to do it. Are the jobs we do actually stable?

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I Am Not Just A Robot, I am Alex

This week we were thrown with the concept of cyberculture. We are in one way or another link with the cyber world. Through the devices we use and different apps that allows us access to one another. We are allowed or given access to explore through this cyberspace which has been made understandable for human senses. Examples are the written language it is in, pictures and sound (Dyson, 1994).

During the tutorial we were introduced with a video called Kara. From the video one question pops up to mind. Is she human? Technology has evolved since the invention of the telegraph. Once stories of robots cleaning your home is actually a reality. Reality can now be virtual. The human race has evolve and is now charging into the exploration of cybernetics but are we ready for this? People are excited to see a world with robots but at the same time can we even accept them? Games and TV shows has introduce the possibility of living with a robots but can we deal with it?


We still have problems with race and religion. People say they don’t have a problem. Yet we see the news with #blacklivesmatter and #muslimlivesmatter. What if robots are like Kara and they can think and feel. Do we actually understand what it means to be alive?

Dyson, E., Gilder, G., Keyworth, G., Toffler, A. (1994) Cyberspace and the American Dream: A Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age

I Need To Record This

Communication is everything. Every single organism in this world has a different methods in communicating with one another. Ant’s uses scent to communicate with one another, dolphins uses sounds and humans have change their way of communications overtime with the help of technology. The telegraph was one of the greatest invention made that change the concept of sending a message. Before this invention had come around every message had to be physically sent through different forms a transport. Either by hand or taking a horse to give that physical message to the next person.

Telegraph made it possible to turn that physical message into a digital form. Messages would be sent through wires to the next device. When people realise the potential of this device everyone country started setting up wires across the world. The first message that was sent using a telegraph was “What hath God wrought?” A quote taken from the Bible.

In a funny spin off by Family Guy these are some of the things people would have used the telegraph for

With the help of technology we are now able to experience real time messages. No longer do we have to wait. Messages can be sent in an instances but here comes the second issue. We are impatient! At the same time we have grown into this culture where the message is “seen” but no replies are made and this makes people feel uneasy.

Another aspect that needs to be pointed out is how people must document their life digitally and sometimes forget to live in that moment.

(Adele asking someone to stop filming and enjoy the actual show )

We want those like, we want people to know what we are doing and we want them to envy us.
18plv0.jpgI recently went to Troy Sivan’s concert in Sydney and while I was taking pictures of his performance. Everyone else was doing it too, we were posting it on snapchat and on Instagram some recorded the whole performance.

Which comes to a very important question. Has the need to digitise our experience for the world to see made us lose track on the experience itself?