Rowlets Digital Journey Upgrade

For this semester, I had decided to teach myself how to draw digitally. One thing for sure it is not easy. Just like drawing on paper I needed to first understand the fundamentals of shape. How different shapes goes together and how details are very important to help define your figure. I stated drawing pokemon as they are simple and their colour pallet wasn’t too complex. After that I started experimenting more on the different kinds of techniques I could use on photoshop to help me in my drawing. One of the problems I had looking for techniques to use was not knowing what I could do.

For example learning to lock my layer so when I paint it does not go out of that layer (Youtube, 2013). I discovered this technique from watching videos on Youtube and I was not actively searching for this. Another issue I had when I was drawing was that sometimes my tablet doesn’t follow my pen. Some occasions it would blink out and a very thick line will pop up out of nowhere. It’s easy to correct it as I can click the undo button but this just shows a communication error that is happening between the pen and the tablet. How the tablet works is that it generates a magnetic field. The pen also creates its own magnetic field and the tablet reads that. This allows it to determine the location of the pen (Kershner, 2017). Maybe the reason why there was a delay with the pen can be due to something in my surrounding that affected it.

One of the hardest obstacles I had to face in this project was discovering my art style. Using reference photos to draw is always important but at times I feel like I’m doing a replication. I had to test myself and try different art styles, an art with more line work or an art with no lines and just colour. Going through this was very important to be as it allowed me to understand that whatever I draw is not for nothing. Whatever I draw is helping me refine my skills and it allows me to rediscover what kind of art I want to create. Similar to how pokemon is constantly evolving in both its character and its art style. If we were to compare the first-generation Pikachu with the current generation (Pokémon sprites, art evolve over the years 2017). It’s art styles are completely different, even the colour pallet has changed. The reason for this change is because pokemon was moving from a painting on cels to digital coloring (Anime News Network 2016). However, people were not too happy about this change. Instead pokemon added noise filters on their image to purposely make it look more cel-like and less digital. As time passes they decrease the noise filter bit by bit till it was no more (Anime News Network 2016). This is important to highlight because it shows that technology helps redefine art.

Which brings me back to the question of what is considered art. There are many theories of what art is. Plato first idea on what is considered art is the ability to copy or imitate something that is beautiful or meaningful (Marder, 2017). Then there are people like Immanuel Kant who believes that art has no concept and the art should be judged alone for its qualities (Marder, 2017). If that is the case, why is it that we do not see an art gallery filled with digital art? One of the reasons why I believe digital art is still being rejected is due to its “singular value” being non-existent. Digital art allows multiple people to have a copy of the art and because of that its value has dropped, it is no longer unique. We also have to look at art as a money-making industry. If the industry were to accept digital art as real art. The foundation of art changes. People would not need to buy canvases, brushes or paint to make art. The industry itself will be deeply affected by this change in both its philosophy and business. Hence why it is still rejected. They are not ready to accept this game-changing technology but one day they will have too. If they don’t they themselves will be killing their own industry.

My final problem I had with this project was recording and editing the video. I tried using several apps to try and record my screen but some of them could not work. This is because a game needed to be played at the background so that I may record. I finally manage to find a feature on one of my laptop apps called Xbox that lets me record without a game being played. The next problem was editing the video as I had a lot of footage. Even speeding it up eight times still made the video lengthy. At the end, I decided to cut off parts which I thought were not important to help shorten the video. This was when my video I had edited got corrupted and I had to redo the entire thing from scratch. Overall my experience with this project has been amazing. I have managed to teach myself on how to draw and I have learned many different techniques that can help improve my drawing. I am still yet to find my own art style but until then all I have to do is experiment and practice.

Digital Artwork






Rowlet Upgrade.jpg



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