Roll On

People have always been traveling but the style on how they show their travels have changed. In Matt Brays 100 people of dance, he is the subject but the scenery behind him is constantly changing. My video is not about traveling but more towards my university life here in Wollongong. I experimented using a ball traveling in one direction. The ball symbolises me, without being in it. The ball travels through numerous location in one direction. Of which I edit the scenes together subsequently creates an amazing continuity effect.

Different ball shots were added to show life is never a straight road. As for the sound, I paired it with a light jingle to describe the fun I had. I too experimented with the audio. In some parts, the jingle was not present but just the sounds of the video itself. At the end, the video goes black but the sound still plays. This represents the uncertainty of the future but our need to keep moving forward.


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