Rowlets Digital Art Journey

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Continuing from my previous blog post. This is the breakdown on how I am teaching myself to draw. The first step is to always have your reference out with you. Having reference pictures helps you imagine what you want to draw. I would prefer to have 2-3 picture references. The paper size I am using for this drawing is A5 and I am using the second brush to draw. Before you start drawing, always remember to add in your layer and do not draw directly on the background.

Brush 1.png

Step 1

Drawing 1.pngDrawing 2.png

It is also good to label your layers. This will help you stay organized as you proceed to add more layers to your drawing. In your first layer add a rough shape on how your character will look like. Add the second layer in (I called it Sketch 2) and begin to roughly sketch out your character. Using the shape as guidelines of its body.

Drawing 3.png

Step 2

Now here comes the interesting part. Decrease the opacity level of sketch 2 until the lines are kind of faded but you can still see the lines.


Create another layer (Label Clean Up) and start to redraw the line using one stroke. Why? It’s to make smoother lines for your final picture. It also makes it neater for others to see. As I have experienced before, I draw too many lines on what spot to get a nice line. It ends up really messy and after colouring the drawing, the lines will still be there. So, keep drawing that line until you think you have the right one and move on to the next outline. Having said that, Having to keep erasing your line can get frustrating. Instead use Alt + Ctrl + Z command. What this function does is that it moves back your steps. It is kind of like Undo but you can move backwards a few times. While undo only lets you go back one step.

Drawing 4.png

For one part of my drawing, I was actually lazy to redraw its foot. Instead, I used the Lasso feature (hot key: L). This feature allows you to select a certain part of your work. Once you have selected it click Ctrl + T. This allows you to transform what you have selected. Transform allows you to increase/decrease the size of the selected part. It can also change the angle of the image. Once you have adjusted everything hit enter so that it can now stay in place. After that using the Lasso tool, right click what you had selected and deselect it. That will make the moving lines disappear. Once you have done drawing through and are happy with your lines. Go to the layers on your right and click on the eye for sketch 1 and 2. This means that all the lines are now hidden and only your clean up layer will show.

Hide.pngDrawing 5.png

Step 3

Now it’s time to add colours and just as always you create a new layer and label it as colour. I went to this website which allows me to find different colour palettes. Here I found Rowlets colours and begin to shade in.

Drawing Colour.png Drawing Colour 2.png Drawing Colour 3.png Drawing Colour 4.png Colour Pick.png

After you have coloured in the base switch to a slightly darker shade of the same colour and begin shading around the point (Note: It depends on where your light source is. If the head is closer to the light the top will be bright while the lower parts will have a darker shade). Following your reference colour your character as it is. If you want to change up its colours go right ahead.


For my final part, I locked my lines. Click on the layer you want to lock and click again on the checkerboard icon next to the brush. What happens is that only this area will be coloured in. Even if you go out of the line, no colour will appear. This is due to it locking what’s in this layer and only this layer. Colour the line according to what colour it is with. For example, the outer body line colour is same with Rowlets skin colour. Once you have done that it is complete! That is so far on what I have experimented with. Hopefully, with more practice, I can fine tune my artwork. Always remember to practice, the more you practice and get used to it. The better it becomes.

Drawing Colour 5.png


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