Remoscope and “Where I’m From”


Remoscope was created by the Lumiere Brothers, it is a method used in cinematography. The camera is a stationary position with a tripod and the recording starts. There are several rules that needs to be followed before the recording can begin (Mariko and Shigeru):

  • The length of the film must only be 60 seconds
  • It must be in a fixed angle
  • There should be no sound, editing, effects and zoom during the recording

Image result for telephone booth

There are several reasons behind this style of cinematography. The first reason is that it allows people to be creative when working around the parameters of a remoscope (Mariko and Shigeru). If there is something you want to capture in your film. The subject must already be there without your influence. For example, you want to film a telephone booth. You would have to find one that is already present and film it there.

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The second point is to allow the person to be independent and not depend on filters or camera features (Mariko and Shigeru). Nowadays there are some many extra features added to our cameras. This style of film making is more of going back to the basics and working with the environment we have around us.

The third point that I believe is very critical is understanding the subject in that given moment (Mariko and Shigeru). The subject is important as it is used to convey your message to the audience. It is also important to look at how time itself is affecting the subject. Within that 60 seconds of filming did the subject changed in any way? Did it lose or gain anything in that time frame? An example is this clip from 12 years a slave, where Solomon was being hanged. The longer time passes the subject itself is being affected by it. Another point about this kind of cinematography is that it allows the viewers in deciding who they want to focus on in this frame. Using the same clip the audience can focus on the people behind Solomon. Aware of his situation but not doing anything to help.

Image result for where i'm from

The whole point of learning this style of filming is to later incorporate it into our “Where I’m From” poem. A poem style created by George Ella Lyon (“Where I’m From, A Poem By George Ella Lyon, Writer And Teacher”). From my understanding the guidelines in making these poems are simple. The content of the poem must be about your life journey but it is not as simple as that. The notion is to explore your memories of where you started out and let your memory be the trigger in guiding you on what to write. In other words, there is no timeline if your memory takes you back when you were 6 and suddenly takes you to your current state. Let it. Follow the flow of time in your mind and see where it goes. I made a small attempt at making my own:

I am from a place of 365 days of summer

A land rich with culture and gluttony

I am from the house of mirrors

Where words never are quite as they seem

I’m from activities and adventures

Thrown into situations if I did nothing at all



Mariko, Kaname and Maeda Shigeru. “The Case Of “Remoscope””. N.p., 2011. Web. 7 Mar. 2017.

“Where I’m From, A Poem By George Ella Lyon, Writer And Teacher”. N.p., 2015. Web. 7 Mar. 2017.


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