Snap Filters Project

This semesters DIGC302 class was one of the best classes I have ever had in Wollongong. Everyone’s projects were simply amazing and there was so much potential in each project. I decided to follow Justine project as she had planned on creating a 360 video experience. What this means is that viewers who watch the video will be able to move around 360 in the video. Giving a greater view of the surroundings of the video. Here is a sample of what she did.

The aim for her project was to create a ‘real’ university/ campus life experience. The motive behind this is to help students who are unable to visit the university. To see what the university has to offer. Justine decided to use 360 videos because it would help give more control to the users on what they would like to see. This format also provides viewers to become immerse into the experience and keeps them engaged. It would also be easy to access as YouTube is allowed to upload 360 videos.

Having a few chats with her I suggested that she do more of a university life experience. This includes going to the class, hanging out with some friends and show what Wollongong as a whole can offer. This is because if the video is just about the facilities of the campus. Viewers may lose their attention towards it as once they have a glance at it they would just skip it to the next part. Half way through the semester she decided to change her project completely. This was due to her experimenting and not getting much results from it #FEFO, Fail Earlier Fail Often. Another issue this project would have faced is getting the university to approve the video. As the video would then become part of UOW image and the video must contains things that the university would associated themselves with.

Her second project she had decided to focus on was creating snapchat filters. These filters would then be used in local events and for businesses to promote themselves. Nowadays more and more people are using snapchat and using a filter can help generate people’s awareness of the brand. Justine had only changed to this project and she had already gone out seeking businesses that would be interested in using these filters. She then made a filter for Glass Alley, a café shop that had just open in Wollongong. This was great progress for her as within such a short period of time she has already manage to get a client and earn some money from it. Snapchat also provides valuable data that can help get more clients. As Justine had shown, snapchat provides data on how many people have seen the filter. This can interest business as it will help people be more aware of their brand.


The next step to Justine’s project was to create a website where she can post her work to help attract more clients. At the current moment there is a video on her home page giving off relaxing music. However I think its setting the wrong mood. Once again snapchat is something fun and being on the home page first impression is very important. I suggest to have a loop of filters you have already done and place it at the home page. That way people will have a glace on what you have done. Justine’s about page this to have a bit more content. So far she has placed who she is and what she studies. I recommend that she adds why business should use her services instead of others. You could also give some reviews on what other clients have said about you filters, giving her site more credibility. One of the pages she has a how page. A suggestion is to rename it to maybe something like step by step. She can also add how long a request should take. Like a minimum of 3 days prior the even. So she has some time to get snapchats approval of the filter.

She has posted the clients she has work with on her page. My suggestion is that she should place the filters she made for the client with their name. This will help other client picture themselves with the filter. Justine can also have one of the photos taken on the day itself. Once again this helps businesses visualize better on the possible outcome they will have. Justine also shows other filters she has made so far in a separate page. It is good to have this as clients will then have an overview on all of her works. She can also post possible templets she had already created but not used.


Another aspect that needs to be looked at is the design of the website itself. When you think of snapchat you would think fun. The website that Justine had made is a bit too grey, a brighter colour would be better. For example she could have yellow on the outer layer and have it white towards the center. This will help people associate the website with snapchat as yellow is their app colour.

The next step to talk about is Justine’s contact page. I believe that it has to look better as for now it looks like an amateur work. I suggest that at the bottom of this page have an FAQ section. This will help answer the clients question and help eliminate unnecessary message to her end. Here are some example shots on what she can add to it.




My final thoughts of Justine’s project is that she has done a great job! She has achieve so much within these past few weeks. She has taken the initiative to find her clients rather than them coming to her and it paid off. The next step after this is to develop her website a bit more. As that will become her snapchat filter portfolio. I also suggest that she practice learning more trick on photoshop, as she is designing her filters there. Investing a bit of time in this and her filters may become even better. Good job on this project Justine! There is lots of potential in this and seeing as how many still don’t know how easy it is to make it, capitalize on this idea.



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