Let’s Talk Machine To Machine


Technology is now shifting towards being more connective and more custom to our own profile. Why do I say that? It’s simple, your smartphone itself is a great example. Our phones now are able to connect to several different machines. There are apps in your phone that allows you to control your television, fan, air condition and many other devices. There are also other machines that are being made which allows you to link it with you home system. So when you come home it becomes your helper.

An example of a helper is Jibo. This is the first social robot, he is able to talk and interact with people. He is also able to remember aspects of who he spoke with and then customizing itself to fit his user. Here is a quick video to show you what he can do.

Other very interesting invention that is yet to come is the smart kitchen counter. It’s a kitchen counter top that allows you to interact with the food you place on the table. This means that it can help show receipts to you and show you what food combinations you can create with the food you have. Here is another video to help you get a better picture on what I am saying.

Now coming back to the topic at hand. What is happening now is that our devices are now connected to one another. Example Jibo can become connected to you house lights. Turning them on when you come in the room. The Kitchen counter is connected with the fridge, tell you what you can make with the stocks you have. Most importantly devices are now connected to the cloud. This means that they have an unlimited amount of knowledge as they are connected to the internet. So asking these devices anything is basically them googling what you want to know.


The biggest issue behind all these devices is safety. People are worried that they can be hacked and will then expose information about the user. It is an issue but I think we have to understand that security itself is fake. Nothing is full proof. There is always a chance that someone can break through it. That is why necessary measures were taken to help prevent these things from happening. Overall I see that the future has lots of interesting devices to come but it also means that we have to be more observant on what we use and what we need to do to keep ourselves safe.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Machine To Machine

  1. I totally agree with you when you say that security itself can be fake, especially when we are on the internet and using items like this in our homes. Overall I really enjoyed your post, it was very informative and straight to the point. As well as this I really loved your first meme, it will be interesting to see if something like that would happen if we were to annoy the advanced technology in our house since it has access to everything and can do what it pleases!


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