Whistle-Blower Arrested?


Hackers are a focus to be recon with. There are both good and bad parts to it but for this post I would focus more on the positive side of things. Hacktivism can be used to expose critical information that is being help back from the public. People with power do not agree with the hacktivism culture. Or at least those who have something to hide and is not happy when they are brought to light. Basically hackers are whistle-blowers, however sometimes the people you expose are so corrupted that things ends weirdly.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, was being exposed for a large sum of $700 million that had been deposited into his personal account. The government has called the money they received as “political donations” from Middle Eastern. When further information is requested about the funds, no additional information is release. Najib had also sacked his attorney general and deputy prime minister after the incident. He had also made several other moves that caused the investigation to go stale.

Najib is also part of the 1MDB which is supposedly used to help Malaysians which are not doing financial well. Billions of dollars has went missing through overseas deals and the company is not going through massive debts.

Coming back to the topic, the whistle-blower has ended up being charged. Sometimes exposing is really not enough to bring justice to people. At the end of the day it’s all about connections. Who you know can help you get away with a lot of things. What has this world become?

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5 thoughts on “Whistle-Blower Arrested?

  1. Hey Ivan,

    Once again, I really liked how you related the concept of hacktivism to an issue that you feel strongly about. Personally, I find that hacktivism is a good thing, provided the hackers have good intentions. People like Snowden, for example, are I believe important, as they use their skills to inform us of the shady stuff occuring within the government. It is for the benefit of the public, not the individual. I know that many would oppose my opinion, but I believe that hacktivism is important.


  2. Hi Ivan, Interesting read and overall good blog post. I agree its crazy the shady things even political representatives get away with purely because of the connections they have. They ultimately have the power to stop any whistle-blowing activity/ hacktivism uncovering the truth because of the people they know who can suff out the one finding the information and charge them as you’ve stated happened in this case. Goes to show its all about who you know, not what you know!


  3. Great example of the benefits of hacktivism. It’s sad to think that they are the ones who suffer and not the politicians that wronged their own country. Your posts proves that whistleblowers can do good.


  4. It’s a strange situation we have seen. First thing that comes to mind is Assange where he spent all that time in the embassy avoiding getting arrested. It’s odd to me that someone can get arrest for exposing someone else’s wrong doings. It starts to make me question if there is a corrupt part in most government. To me it appears to play out like “You weren’t meant to see this, get him!” Great post and great Ted gif.


  5. A very good post that I agree. Without any evidence, endless accusation to the government is meaningless. Hacktivism is only a mean to achieve this purpose by exposing critical information that is concealed from the public. Providing evident through the leaks is a way to let public know more and monitor their government.


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