We All Know #Bersih


Currently Malaysia is going through a terrible phase. Where the government seems to be helping its people but in reality they are robbing its people of its riches. Thanks to Social Media the people of Malaysia can come together. The name of the champagne is called Bersih. When translated to English it means clean. There are several goals to the champagne but some of the main points are to have a clean electoral roll, reform the current postal ballot (as it’s not fair for everyone) and to stop the corruption that is happening.

So far there had been 4 rallies, each with an increasingly more amount of supporters. Social media is helping coordinate these rallies as updates are always being posted and location to meet. I have been to one of these rallies before and it is intense. However a peaceful rally is hammered as tear gas and water cannons were used in some of the rallies. During this time people were continuously tweeting about where the areas are being hit by the gas and safes spots where members can go to and collect themselves.
With technology the rallies are becoming more coordinated. Hashtag becomes an important tool for people to find and distribute message about the rally #bersih.



This has been going on since 2007 and this year there will be another rally. The organisation is now utilizing the technology we have and has as participants of the rally to use an app call ‘Prime’. This apps provides the necessary news as well as instance updates on the situation. Not only that but Facebook pages are made to help more information to be distributed around the people. People can also go on Periscope and stream to the world what is happening at that very moment of the rally. As a conclusion social media has allowed more information to travel to more people in an instance. Authority figures can never shut this down as there are always different nodes that the people can use and disseminate information. This year’s rally will take place on 19 November 2016. The hashtag being used is #KonvoiBERSIH5 hopefully things can turn out better.


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8 thoughts on “We All Know #Bersih

  1. I like your use of photographs which were engaging and painted a picture on what their rally’s are like. Your post is informative and gave a clear insight into the trauma Malaysia is facing right now. The series of rallies will, among others, call for action on alleged corruption linked to the state investment fund. Maybe check out this site for more info too http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/bersih-5-is-on#sthash.3DNwDVvf.dpuf
    Great post and effective use of referencing.


  2. Great post Ivan!!
    I really enjoyed how you really engaged the topic personally, by choosing a topic that’s really important to you. I feel for Malaysia, I really do, and I feel like there hasn’t been enough awareness raised about the situation. The great thing about technology, though, is that it provides multiple platforms to communicate and with the use of a hashtag, it would make it much easier to inform others around the world and raise awareness.


  3. Bummer to hear about Malaysia’s issues, but GLAD to hear social media campaigning is helping the struggle. The GIF of Ted is a cracker, love it. Shame there isn’t more mainstream attention, but I guess there’s a lot of governments world-wide that are in the firing line. This article seems to provide a good overview however, very informative. http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/what-you-need-to-know-about-malaysias-bersih-movement


  4. Interesting read showcasing the corruption in Maylasian politics, thank god for social media! now the population can and obviously are doing something about it through these rallies. This really shows the power social media can have in bringing people together to revolt when corruption occurs and is a great example to use for the weeks topic. Awesome blog!


  5. It was great to read about something different this week! You explained the #bersih revolt well and provided good images and videos to accompany your post. I actually learnt a lot from reading your post, but thinking about this revolution, I honestly hadn’t heard much about it at all. You highlighted and explained the corruption in Malaysia quite well and it was good that you provided information on how many rallies and meetings have occurred. In todays age, its very common for police and authority figures to use tear gas, violence and even in this case water cannons. By spreading information about this revolution and how supporters are being treated, it not only helps Malaysia but other countries and revolutions as well.


  6. Your example of the social network revolution was a great one which obviously highlighted the idea of this week’s topic well. What’s interesting is that I haven’t heard much about the revolution that has been happening in Malaysia at all. However, the use of media must have worked well as it brought all these citizens together with the same idea of protesting. Even using the media as a tool to tell people where the gas is and coordinate people to safe spots to rally was a really cool effect.
    Your blog post was very engaging with the use of pictures and texts. I found myself wanting to read more about these protests because of it!


  7. What a interesting post! You did a great job in explaining and the topic is very relevant. It is unbelievable to see that the power of hashtag can brought to the society, connecting people, forming a space for everyone to have conversation, sharing facts or opinions they have on a particular topic and creating movements. The hashtag also helps in raising awareness to people all around the world on an issue that is happening. For your case, #Bersih showed that how people come together and protest to express what they are not pleasant with.


  8. This just like another case happened in Hong Kong. 2 years ago, the umbrella revolution, in use of hashtags, #umbrellarevolution and #occupycentral, successfully gain the global attention. As you mentioned, not only facebook, but also instagram and twitter as well. Hashtag has become a powerful tool for people to find and distribute message


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