Why Read When You Can Watch!

The video that I made is based on week 8 topic about the value of an online presence. Why read about it when there is a video for you to watch!


4 thoughts on “Why Read When You Can Watch!

  1. Hey Ivan, I can confirm that your video is indeed ‘unique’! Was very easy to digest your points with video format; quite meta! I think embracing a format that you’ve identified as out of the ordinary certainly helps with engagement and helps your work stand out, important when practicing citizen journalism! Found this neat resource when researching citizen journalism, might be interesting for you.


  2. This was an excellent way to get your point of view across for this weeks topic! I love the fact that you are being different to everyone else and actually talking about it rather then writing in a blog post! Just be careful that you have the minium requirement for a word count so that this fits within the critera. Your view is very soild and I think it has come from a different perspective which has helped me a lot as well!


  3. I think there’s another aspect which you missed making this post valuable: the fact that it is structured within a subject, resulting in a pool of similar content to compare it to. While you cover one aspect of the topic with your video, someone else covers another aspect of it with their memes, creating value when viewed together and allowing for a greater understanding of the topic. Our Reddit thread we all participate in is an excellent example of this, as it groups together all the blog posts in a single space which allow people viewing that space to look at the information available there in a clear, ordered manner. This goes back to the idea of constantly sorting in the digital age, thus having an aggregate of organised content has value outside of just the single post.


  4. Oh Ivan its really a brand new way to express your content. Honestly i had been attract by your title haha. Thank you for taking the video and the 3 reason. You did a good job but I think beside just upload a video, you can add some memes and short wordings also.


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