The Process Is Art Itself

This piece is called ‘Modern Influence ’. How I came to this finally product was a series of failed instructions. My original idea was to create a coloured cube but the more you look at it, the more confuse you become. Simply because the shapes were made in 3D and adding more lines to that would create other shapes as well. When experimenting with colour did I accidentally created this rain of light which reminded me of old televisions. From there I was inspired to create my current work. The reason behind this work was how television itself slowly became better. Hence why the left side has a more faded colour then the right. It also shows how the characters of that time slowly shift and change with this new forms of colour. This is similar to Sol Lewitt instruction artwork. As it’s from the errors that occur during the process can you stumble upon a unique artwork.


PImage img;

void setup() {


size(1000,705); //canvas size


img = loadImage(“mouse.png”); //image used




void draw() {


for (int i = 0; i < 1500; i = i +1 ){ //Limits the lines on the sketch. Once it hits 1500 line it will stop.


//if it is not at 1500 lines it will add one more


noStroke(); //no black line on the shape


image(img, 150, 150, 500, 500); //image location and size


fill(random(255),random(255),random(255),150); //generates random colours for the line. Last number is opacity

ellipse(random(400), 200, 15, 1000); //makes random thin circles within the given parameter



ellipse(random(1000), 200, 15, 1000);


stroke(0); //colour of the line

strokeWeight(10);  // thickness of the line

noFill(); //no colours within the shape

rect(5, 1, 790, 700, 20, 20, 20, 20); //creates the rectangle shape and the last 4 points makes the edges more circular



stroke(245, 240, 202);






rect(800, 1, 195, 704, 20, 20, 20, 20);


strokeWeight(3); //thickness of the line

ellipse(900, 100, 100, 100); //drawing a circle

ellipse(900, 300, 100, 100);



line(900, 165, 900, 40);



line(955, 275, 845, 337);




Final Art Work ‘Modern Influence’


Picture used in the work


Other Trial And Error Works

ArtBoxMeda.png  ArtCoinMeda.png

Image Reference Used




Reference on Codes

Processing Reference, 2016, viewed on 21 September 2016, <;

Processing Reference, 2016, viewed on 21 September 2016, from <;

Processing Reference, 2016, viewed on 21 September 2016, from <;

Processing Reference, 2016, viewed on 21 September 2016, from <;

Processing Reference, 2016, viewed on 21 September 2016, from <;


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