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Going through this week’s topics on iOS vs Android is almost similar with the concept of 4Chan and Facebook. One provides the users with the ability to do whatever they like to their device (Android = 4Chan). While the other provides users on how they should use their devices and what they can and cannot do (iOS = Facebook).


We can also related to how Apple and Android is on the long tail effect. Apple being more popular goes all the way to the front and Android goes to the back (Before you disagree hear me out). How does this create the long tail effect? Simple, because Android is an open source people can customize how their system works. This in return creates the long tail as Android is allowing users to create and make their own experience that is unique to themselves. Hence a niche market is made and the system is forever making even more niche markets. As other person can take it and adjust it even more. Sounds a bit like 4Chan as people creates new trends or similar trends but they still cater to many unique individuals.

Now coming to Apple products, you can’t do anything to it. If you want to change how the system works you would have to be in Apple itself and even then there is someone there that says what you can and cannot do. The system that Apple uses is not bad. In fact it is good, that is why it is so popular with people. The system is easy to use and you can say it’s catered to the masses so that no further changes needs to be done by the user.

Coming back to the first point I made. Apple is like Facebook. Why? With the new release of iPhones new earphones ( AirPods ). Not only is it wireless but even the phone itself has no jack. So what if I have a better set of earphones that I prefer to use. Well now I can’t use them at all! Apple is trying to create a wall garden where the only thing that is good is them. You don’t need anything else. If you don’t like it well too bad. Just as how Facebook is like. You don’t like the new policies we have? Too bad. Even if we don’t like these new changes we are still going to use their services, sounds familiar?


6 thoughts on “iFacebook vs AndroidChan

  1. I love the way you linked the Apple v Android war to the other topics we have looked at so far. I have never thought of Androids as a niche market, yet it makes so much sense to me now. From reading several blogs from others in this subject, it has become apparent to me that Android is deemed the ‘better’ (or open source is portrayed as favourable) operating system, yet Apple products remain so popular, as you mentioned at the beginning of your blog. It interests me that as time goes on, systems such as Apple and Facebook become increasingly closed-walled, yet still dominate their respective markets. Why is this? Do people prefer having less control? Or are they unaware of how trapped they are?
    This source (http://www.businessinsider.com.au/why-apple-is-dominating-enterprise-2014-2?r=US&IR=T) talks about why Apple remains so profitable in comparison to Android competitors.
    Great post!
    – Claire


  2. You have created a really great link between Apple vs Android and Facebook vs 4chan. I think that in comes down to personal preference. While some preferred to stay in the walled garden and have everything done for them. It does create restrictions like you have said with the removal of the jack just reinforces the closed system and limits the products you use solely to Apple products. I think Android gives many more options in brand and style and has it’s benefits in regards to customization. While both systems have positives and negatives, there is a level of control across both platforms.


  3. Comparing iOS and Android to Facebook and 4Chan was a good way to start your post. This and describing Android as a niche market makes your readers see these technologies in a different way. I completely agree that Apple is a walled garden, however I found this article that says Apple is beginning to ask for outside help with developing their apps. http://www.forbes.com/sites/parmyolson/2016/06/13/apple-is-breaking-down-its-walled-garden-to-keep-selling-iphones/#159b16522cec Its an interesting read and shows that Apple maybe are starting to see that a walled garden is not the best way for an operating system.


  4. I love how you link iOS and Android with Facebook and 4chan. This is a new and interesting angle that I never thought of before. And so is “Android as a niche market”. Though everyone is aware of how closed iOS is, it keeps growing, Android is also turning closed too: “However, more and more of Android comes in the form of closed-source applications and APIs from Google Play Services.” (http://www.howtogeek.com/217593/android-is-open-and-ios-is-closed-but-what-does-that-mean-to-you/). Everyone agrees that freedom is better but “walled garden” remains its position. There must be a reason for that. This article gives us a brief look about that.


  5. Linking this topic to a lot of the previous topics was a smart idea and made your blog a lot more interesting and relevant to the subject for uni, it also helps relate all your topics to new readers who may not be at the uni and have read your blog. The comparison of Facebook and 4chan to apple and android was also a well done and made your blog a lot easier to understand and relate to. Well done, also a great use of the Gandalf memes haha


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