I’m Reading This But Doing Something Else

Our generation is shifting in many aspects. One of the great changers that has occurred is something known as liquid labour. What this means is that jobs are shifting from a standstill, too a constant movement of different jobs. Still not sure? Imagine this, you could be working in an office and you have the usual paper work to go through. At the same time you are learning a new set of photoshop skills that are benefiting you for your other job. Still not getting the picture? Well basically what is happening is that people are now having a more horizontal work flow when it comes to their job. The idea of being a freelance is being in liquid labour. Another good example of liquid labour is how waiters or waitress are always on call. If someone is unable to work that day you would get a call to come in. If you decline to come in another person can easily come in and fill that spot. You see what’s happening here?

This meme was done by Kriss and the post is linked here.

How this started was the shift of industries. The world as we know it is changing to a more knowledge base work society. Note knowledge is different from information. Due to the flow of information that is constantly coming our way. In fact we even do something know as bleeding presence. What this means is that we might physical be here right now but at the sometime we are else where. We could be checking twitter, facebook heck you could have several tabs open right now and playing with your phone while reading this post. We do this because we are observing what the flow of information is coming our way. What’s it about, is it interesting, can I use it? That is consider as data. Knowledge is when we take that data and turn it to something useful. It’s also important to know that knowledge and information works hand in hand (“Difference Between Knowledge and Information”, 2009). Without each other there is no other. With that being said I leave you all a question. Since we are moving more towards a liquid labour force is there actual security in the jobs we do? If people can easily outsource their projects to freelancers as they have the capability to do it. Are the jobs we do actually stable?

Difference Between Knowledge and Information. (2009). Difference Between. Retrieved 19 August 2016, from http://www.differencebetween.net/language/difference-between-knowledge-and-information/


11 thoughts on “I’m Reading This But Doing Something Else

  1. This is a very clever post. How you touch on the fact we are always doing or learning something else while we are physically in a different location is interesting. Even when we are in a lecture, a location of education, we are on other devices learning about other things. Ted probably wouldn’t want us doing this but it is just another part of liquid labour.

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  2. I love how you structured this post, as the idea of what liquid labour meant was hard for me to grasp to start with, so I’m glad you gave three examples because I really needed those! It’s made me really consider how much learning I do when I’m meant to be partaking in other learning.


  3. Really liked the use of the picture, very relevant as things are changing fast…
    Bleeding presence is such a prevalent occurrence for all of us now that we are increasingly connected into different parts of our lives; it’s expected of us to be available all the time. It’s not only something that is applicable to the life of an employee either – it could be argued that bleeding presence is a result of the ease of access and convenience that social media has brought us in the last 5-7 years or so, this expectation that since we’re so tapped in, we’re always here.


  4. Hey I enjoyed your post, I think you made some good points and you explained liquid labour really well. Things are definitely changing rapidly, there seem to be new jobs coming in just as fast as old ones are going out. In regard to bleeding presence, I think it’s definitely something that’s overlooked by a lot of society, it’s impressive how often we are multi-tasking, considering all these different ideas and information coming at us. I think the rapid accessibility of information is cool and enabling and all but I think people can very easily get overloaded with unnecessary, random information which takes away from what they’re actually doing at the time so it’s a bit dangerous. Good post!


  5. Nice one! Your post covered the explanation of liquid labor well and you made some great relevant examples. Job security in the future will be a far greater issue than todays work force. With newer forms of technologies replacing human hands and more available resources, their is always someone or something that can do your job a tiny fraction faster or more precise.


  6. You made some great points and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, your points about “bleeding presence” in particular. It’s an interesting idea that so much of who we are and where we are is online in an easily-accessed, intangible environment. It brings to mind the idea of our presence online being seen as a resume or a snapshot of our personality, therefore we need to treat it with caution! (more info – http://college.usatoday.com/2016/07/24/why-your-social-media-presence-should-be-professional/)


  7. I really like the fact that you have addressed the idea that many people are almost always in two places at once, due to our constant need to observe the flow of information. As I write this comment, I have maybe 10 tabs open and Facebook up on my phone, which is so typical of the way we consume information. This is a really well written post and I really enjoyed reading it. Well Done 🙂


  8. Awesome look at the concept of liquid labour, I like how you provided real life examples that we all experience to explain it. I think that your question, like we discussed in class, all comes down to what you mean by security.
    I think people moving towards a freelance model of work won’t delegitimise things like reputation and networking, so its likely people could still expect some level of predictability as to who might expect what task of them. I think it’s likely to be more unpredictable and fluid, but this in turn will create a sense of refreshment and creativity because the work you will be doing will be constantly moving and changing. I guess it could be secure if your reputation secured you work, and would allow for a more dynamic work flow. I literally watch some Youtubers who vlog them raising their families, they seem to live great lives, the vlogs keep their lives interesting, people love it, and obviously it gets the a nice buck to help out with it all. I think security is definitely possible in a liquid labour environment, but it would probably take time.


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