I Am Not Just A Robot, I am Alex

This week we were thrown with the concept of cyberculture. We are in one way or another link with the cyber world. Through the devices we use and different apps that allows us access to one another. We are allowed or given access to explore through this cyberspace which has been made understandable for human senses. Examples are the written language it is in, pictures and sound (Dyson, 1994).

During the tutorial we were introduced with a video called Kara. From the video one question pops up to mind. Is she human? Technology has evolved since the invention of the telegraph. Once stories of robots cleaning your home is actually a reality. Reality can now be virtual. The human race has evolve and is now charging into the exploration of cybernetics but are we ready for this? People are excited to see a world with robots but at the same time can we even accept them? Games and TV shows has introduce the possibility of living with a robots but can we deal with it?


We still have problems with race and religion. People say they don’t have a problem. Yet we see the news with #blacklivesmatter and #muslimlivesmatter. What if robots are like Kara and they can think and feel. Do we actually understand what it means to be alive?

Dyson, E., Gilder, G., Keyworth, G., Toffler, A. (1994) Cyberspace and the American Dream: A Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age


8 thoughts on “I Am Not Just A Robot, I am Alex

  1. Hi Ivan,

    I like it when you stated that we humans are expecting for robots’ presence in our lives, but we are not ready to except that. It is obvious that there is a stereotype that robot is meant to be humans’ servants. The possibility of a world where humans and robots live together has been mentioned but I doubt lots of people are not willing to imagine the case when robots are parts of our lives. You mentioned race and religion, which is a really interesting point. Believing in a future world with human-like robots is also a religion I suppose.
    One recommendation of mine is that maybe you can link your arguments with cyberspace. It is where those thoughts about robots are excepted. It is where people with such kind of religion are welcomed and who lives without it is excluded. It is a place with new religions and beliefs, according to our weekly reading from Barlow.

    Expect to read more from you 😉


  2. Very cool post this week. I like the idea of questioning what it is to be human. Similar to another blog posts this week. The idea of technology stripping us of basic human features seems to keep popping into my mind. With our generation now being more connected that ever before. I cant help but question privacy concerns as technology gets more and more complicated. Do you think having robots live among us is safe if for instance the census website can be so easily hacked. Most people don’t understand the implications or privacy concerns of the internet today thus, in living in a ‘Virtual’ world are we truly living a life that is safe or are we, ourselves depriving ourselves of human interaction and REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES? 🙂


    • Its interesting how you question about living with a robot and how they may be hacked. This is a very possible situation but we can also say people can be hacked to a certain extend. Basically hacking is to have control over someone. What if a person was forced to do something because their love ones are being threaten. They do what they can to get back in control. Similar to a robot being hacked. Once they complete that job they return back to their original state. So i guess we are not that different?

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  3. I liked this blog! I loved the podcast at the start. I think you have produced a quality post. Maybe expand on the concept of “cyberpunk”? It would be cool to see you further engage with the content and I think if you expanded into cyberpunk content and discussed its relevance to our world today it would have added a lot of depth to your blog. I liked your remediation. this website could be useful for you to expand on cyberpunk: https://www.neondystopia.com/what-is-cyberpunk/
    Overall, great blog!

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  4. Your remediation of cyberspace and cyberpunk really put this week’s topic into perspective for me! Your podcast evolved from robot, to human then back to robot and demonstrates the uncertainty that we as humans have against robots. You included the idea of the robot thinking, feeling and wanting to be alive– all aspects that are characteristically unique to humanity and life. The idea of robots are a manifestation of the human mind that is separated from the body. It is the materialisation of the mind that poses a threat to life as we know it now, especially with AI research that is ongoing. Check out this site for another insight into the threats that robots pose. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3143275/Artificial-intelligence-real-threat-robots-wipe-humanity-ACCIDENT-claims-expert.html The way that you ended the podcast brought the whole idea full circle when you were restored back to being a robot. This demonstrates the control that higher industries and the human race need to maintain power. This can also be brought onto a smaller scale that is occurring too often in society today: censorship. Censorship acts as your ‘rebooting of the robot’ to restrict the robot from thinking and contributing to the greater world. This site ( http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2015/02/government-censorship-21st-century-internet/385528/) it great to have a look at how censorship impacts daily lives and disrupts what it means to be human.


  5. Interesting how you have brought up the question are we ready for robots in the labour force. I watched this documentary on a hotel staffed entirely by robots and it was really cool because there was literally no human staff and even the food came from instantly cooking vending machines. But a lot of people said that after staying there they felt lonely somehow because there wasn’t the warmth of human presence. You should check it out…


  6. Im enjoying your blog and the idea you put on about cyborg are really interesting, but have a look on this cyberpunk hope will give you more idea about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P99qJGrPNLs#t=18 .


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