Sydney Taiwan Festival Experience

This is a video of me and my group mates experiencing the ‘Sydney Taiwan Festival’ that happened on the 5th of September, 2015. From the video you can see that we weren’t actually together as we came at different times. However we still manage to indulge ourselves in the festive activities. The Taiwan festival was first done in 2011 at ‘Darling Harbor’ (Su, 2015), since then it has been an annual event.

Experiencing this festival has been amazing as the amount of different food cuisine that I was able to eat was wonderful. Not only was it different but its Asian style cooking so the taste is different compare to that of a burger. The variety of flavors was also a party for my mouth. From spicy, sweet and bitter all in one bite! Not only that but I manage to experience a mask painting session. It is said that painting mask started in the Qui dynasty (Davison, pg. 62). A king which had a delicate-looking face, wanted to look fierce towards his enemies. The solution to that was to paint a fierce face on a mask, thus came this culture. Overall the festival was such an interesting experience and to just be there to go through all of this culture. Just as how Ellie talks about autoethnographic is about analyzing my own experience from the culture and how I make sense of it. This experience made me realize how vibrant Taiwanese culture is in terms of their history and cultures. It has been passed down from generation to generation and it shows how this is their countries identity. Vibrant, beautiful and simply amazing


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