This Space Is Mine To Capture


Being in Mckinnon Building I noticed that the television was playing some music videos. What was interesting was that there was no sound. Why play music videos in a public space when there is no music to begin with? Another interesting factor was that no one was paying any attention to the television. Even the girl sitting down in front of the television, her eyes were to her phone. Everyone was either chatting with another friend or they were on their own individual devices. I decided to come on separate days to see how people react to this television in this space.

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For most days it was standard, no one payed attention. Then there was this one girl who was waiting for her friend. After she had sent a message she looked up and started watching what was being played. If I’m not mistaken in was Jessie Jay singing dominos. I thought to myself what caught her attention? Maybe she liked the artist or maybe she was interested in seeing how the video progressed. Through my observation I believe that the reason why the television is not leaving that strong of an impact in this space is because of the advancement of technology. Uses and gratifications theory (, n.d.) also explains how people use media to actively seek out their needs. In this case people use their smartphones to achieve that. Unlike a television, a smartphone can be used to specifically seek out what they want.

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Now comes another question, the picture that I had taken. Was it ethical for me to do so? I observed that after I had taken the photo no one was bothered by it. Maybe be they thought that I was sending a snapchat or maybe they did not really mind. The generation that we now live in is going through what I like to call “live update”. Basically we tell the world about everything on what we are doing. Maybe because of this “live update” trend, we have grown more tolerant on getting our pictures taken. For example when people who do daily vlogs.

This is a vlog from Troye Sivan. This vlog is like most others in the sense where they record some aspects of their life and post it up. I like to focus on the people that have been capture in the process when he made the video. The people that were captured in the video may have understand that he was making a vlog. That way there are more accepting in being filmed because the trend of vlogging has been rising.

I asked one of my friends who loves to take picture in the public space on what his ethics is towards this. For him he said he would just take the photo as it is a public space and he is free to do so. He will still try and take it as fast as possible so that he won’t get unwanted attention. However he once tried to take a picture of a couple in a coffee house. As he was about to take the shot one of them say him and looked away. Instead of continuing to take the shot he stopped and moved on. This was interesting as for him he observes the person’s body language and made judgement according to that. Clearly the person did not what to be in the photo but instead of screaming “DON’T TAKE MY PICTURE!” he just looked away. As he may think that you can’t stop a person taking a picture in a public space, so why argue. Overall I believe that people are generally fine with getting their pictures taken in a public space. Unless the person captures a picture that can be damaging to that persons reputation or may be used in an advertisement, that requires their permission. You would not what something like that to happen to you either right (Thein, 2012)? So treat others the way you want to be treated.


Thein, M, 2012. The Ethics of Photographing Random Strangers on the Street. PetaPixel, viewed on September 9, 2015, <;, n.d.. Uses and Gratifications Theory – Mass Communication Context. viewed on September 9, 2015, <;


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