Was Cinemas Always This Empty?

Hagerstrand’s three constraints talks about coupling, capability and authority effects social planning (Jean, 2015). After hearing that I would have to watch a movie for my blog post. I started making arrangement with my movie buddy, coupling check. The next issue was capability. With our weird timings it was really hard finding a time to go for the movies. We at first wanted to watch The Man From U.N.C.L.E.



From the trailer it looked really interesting with a mix of action and history. The problem was that the timings they had for event cinema was bad. Our classes would either clash with the timing or it would be too late and the shutter bus would have ended already. We are very dependent on public transport so we had to work our schedules around it. At the end we had to change the movie as none of the timing could fit our time. Instead we watched a comedy movie called Trainwreck. None of us knew anything thing about, we did not even watch the trailer. It was however the only movie that fit our timings so we went with it. All this planning was done one day before the actual date #BecauseWeCan. Finally on  Hagerstrand’s theory was authority. The movie is rated with MA15+, this means that there may be sex scenes, drug usage that may be strong at impact (Classification.gov.au, 2015). This was interesting as in Malaysia if there were any sex scenes it would have been rated as 18+. This could be due to culture as Malaysia is more conservative towards this topic.


How empty it was

Before the movie started I went to Woolworths to go buy some food (We watched the movie in event cinema) and on that day I was feeling extra hungry. So I bought some chicken wings and a whole lot of fish sticks. After going into the cinema we noticed that there were only four other people in the same theater as us. Two sat at the place where you can put your feet up. The other couple sat 2 rows after them and me and my friend sat 3 rows up. All of us sat in the middle areas, this can be because it gave a more centered view when we watch the movie. We both enjoy sitting at the top rows, maybe because it gives us an outlook of everyone. I guess the reason why it was so empty was because it was a 6.15 movie on a Wednesday, oh well more room for us.

Image source: http://www.clipartbest.com/cliparts/eiM/Kpg/eiMKpgodT.jpeg

As the movie continue the couple in front of use sat one seat away from each other. Since there is so much space might as well get comfortable. Me and my other friend sat next to each other. This could be due to our habit on commenting on how the movie goes. Another interesting aspect I found out during this space was how slight movements would catch my attention. If the theater was full, I would not really take notice of it but because this was not only a small theater but an almost empty one. Sight movements really draws my attention. When one of the staff walked passed us I looked and stared, even the guy in front of me noticed too.

Image source: http://theparksimagegroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/1peggy1.jpg

As a conclusion the movie was actually really nice. Since none of use watched the trailer we did not expect anything. It was light-hearted and generally entertaining. The experience as well was interesting as I was able to explore with the space I had. I also kept comparing my movie experience in Malaysia. In Malaysia watching a movies are very common. There are movies running from 10am all the way to 1am and there is always a hand full of people. Never had I experienced so little people in a cinema before. Thinking about the future of cinematography what would happen to cinemas if it is to continue like this. Personally I feel that it depends on the culture itself. In Malaysia it is very common for people to download movies but at the same time people still love going to the movies. So maybe here in Australia the culture of watching a movie is different. People worry that because of shows being watched online may soon make cinemas close down. I highly doubt that because we are creatures of habit. We always fall back on older things. Like how vinyl records are trending now.


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