An End To The Ghost

Evaluating my experience on ghost in the shell has been amazing! Not only did I finally manage to watch this classic anime. I manage to learn a little bit more about how I think and even why I think that way. In my first blog post about this anime, I talked about how ghost in the shell presents such an immortal idea. In exchange for an immortal body you must first pay the price with your real body. Having a robot body has many benefits but as always nothing is ever absolute. The Achilles heel for this was the fact that people may be able to hack into your brain, controlling your senses as well as adding false memory. I find that terrifying as you may never know if you are being hacked or if your memories are real.

After that my next blog post dig deeper into this idea on why people would give up their body. From my understanding it is because being immortal is one of the greatest gift for some people. The idea of being immortal was a story that has been passed down from one generation to the other. That story was also known as the elixir of life.  People all over the world has either tried to find this elixir or recreate it, it never works out. Transferring your ghost (soul) to a robot seems like a better possibility. We are currently in an era where a lot of effort is being put into Artificial Intelligence. At the rate AI are being develop and experimented on. Ghost in the shell may no longer just be an idea but an actual possibility.

In the blog post I also talked about what it meant to be human. How understanding the soul is the next level of understanding we need to achieve. Once we do understand that the walls of insecurity can disappear. Finally the last point I talked about was corruption. For me this is huge deal as I have seen how corruption works and it kills the people. Currently Malaysia is having its biggest rally called BERSIH 4 where it demands for Free and fair elections, a transparent government, the right to demonstrate, strengthening the parliamentary democracy system and saving the national economy. Maybe that’s why I was a little bit more influence to talk about corruption in this movie. As a conclusion this experience has been amazing and sometimes digging deep into your own thoughts can be an adventure itself.


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