Faster Internet Saves Time?

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Re interviewing my mom is always fun for me. Not only will I be able to learn more things about her about I get to catch up with things back home in Malaysia. Like how this weekend there is going to be a huge rally called Bersih 4.0. Normally I would use skype to interview her but the past few days my internet has been going through an emotional ride where its either stable or downright nonexistent. Instead I sent her a whatsapp message (a free online message app) with my questions and see what she answered.

The first question I asked her was what do you use the internet for. Most of her internet usage goes on using whatsapp as she has many clients to attend to. Having this platform allows her to keep close contact with her clients as well as informing them about any changes that needs to be done. In her leisure time she would watch movies on a platform called Popcorn Time, it’s something like Netflix but free. Like nowadays trend as she is watching a movie she is also on her smartphone scrolling on Facebook. The next question was how fast the internet is and is it to her liking. Currently she is on a 10 Mbps unlimited plan and it is very stable (, 2015). As the rest of my family is either overseas of out on a business trip. My mom has the whole house to herself and with what she uses the internet for. The current speed is too her liking, she can even download a movie within 5 minutes.

The last 2 questions were when do you not use the internet and how do you do your work without being distracted from the internet. She replied that her work requires her to use the internet so she is normally on it all the time. At the same time when she does need to do some paper work. She would just leave her phone a side for a while and do her work. She still needs to check it as her clients will sometimes ask her for assistance.

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This time I decided to also interview one of my house mates on his usage on the internet. For him the internet is his sources of entertainment. From watching anime to learning new dishes to make for dinner and the occasion of using the internet for his assignments #studentlife. He is also never offline, his computer is always on and he is always browsing on something. Could this be a new point? In which case we now live in a browsing society where people will just keep scrolling and refreshing their page when they know there are already up to date. Why do we do that? Even I do it from time to time.

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Compare to my mom his internet speed here is not only unstable but also very slow. What do you expect when 8 people try to share one connection. Not to mention how some are very considerate and download movies during the time where everybody else is using it. When this happens he just deals with it and patiently wait for the internet to speed up again, which may take 2 hours and even restarting the modem. If he was granted with the same speed my mom had and the stability. He would game and watch so much more then he would now.

As a conclusion comparing the 2 I have interviewed I can see that maybe having faster internet would let you spend less time on it. Simply because you know you can get all the things you want without delay. Compare to someone who has to keep on waiting till he or she gets back their connection. At the same time the similarities are that they are always connected to the internet. If they are actually using it that’s a different case but they always leave their devices on which gives them access to the internet. Now comes the final question. What are the effects of leaving your devices too long near you?

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