A Ghost With No Fear (Ghost In The Shell)

I have always been an anime fan but ghost in the shell never really peaked my interest. One of the main reason was simply because I’m not much of a meca fan. However it was good to finally watch it and see what the hype was all about, better yet use it for an assignment. The first thing that surprised me was that the movie was dubbed. My fear of a dubbed anime movie is that it would sound weird and won’t go in sync with the movie. To my surprise the dubbed was not too bad. A little unsync at some parts but much better than some other anime I have seen.

As the movie progresses I enjoyed how everything starts to unfold. From humans willing to give their human body for a robot body. To the politic side of how those in power will do anything to stay in that position. Everybody wants to live, and this movie provides that option to live forever. Not only would you get to live forever but imagine you will never need to worry about being sick. You would be able to be so much stronger as well as being able to endure more damage than the human body can (cause hey your body is like iron man now). Being human becomes a unique feature. As majority of people had either exchange some part of their body with something robotic or they themselves are a complete robots, with a ghost inside.

Presenting such an immortal concept always has a catch and for this it was the possibility of being hacked. The possibility of someone hacking into you, placing fake memories and even control some functions of your body is terrifying. This makes me think about how people believe in the word “security”. It is a false assumption everyone caries around. Nothing is ever safe or secure as there is always a possibility of something or someone that will be able to break it.

At one part they showed the main character had slept and just woke up. This confused me as in my head I was thinking did she need sleep even as a robot? Which brought up other questions like does she need to eat and what would she eat. As the movie showed quite a few naked scenes of Motoko (main character) what is going on in her mind when that happens? She seems as if she doesn’t care as if her being naked is no difference when she wears clothes. Her partner Batou shy’s away when she changes on the boat. He too is part robot, yet he looked away when she change. Could it be that when you transfer fully to a robotic body you lose a piece of yourself?

The main character also experienced doubt on her own self-identity. Is she actual who she think she is? Is she another robot with fake memories? People constantly deals with these questions in real life, maybe in a way it is what makes us human. Rather than saying “My name is Motoko, Model ZYN2806 created by Tech.Co”. We question the things around us and we constantly try and seek out these answers. We learn and expand from the answers we receive, maybe that’s what the ghost is. The part of us that lets us expand beyond that of a robot.

Finally one of the most interesting part of the movie is the plot twist at the end saying that those of higher authority is in charge of all these hacks being caused. Which brings to light a very controversy topic of “corruption”. Power is addictive, people crave for it and once they have it why should they give it up? Like how the movie went, once they knew they could not retrieve the puppet master. They destroyed it as it could have be used against them. Humans are already violent in nature but fear is what holds us back. Being part robotic, breaks down some of those fears. What would we become next if fear no longer holds us back?


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