To The Landlord House!

Talking to my mom about how she had first experience television not only brought me closer to her but also showed how similar we are. Like mother like son?

My mom grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her childhood was an interesting story as she talked about how her siblings and others always bullied her (I guess that’s where I can relate to lol). She grew up in a middle class income family and had a total of 5 siblings.

Having hear of this new technology known as “Television”. She was excited and interested to see it for herself. However the family was always on a tight budget so televisions did not come by anytime soon. The community my mom lived in were quite close together so when her landlord got one (no one else in the whole area had one) everyone went to her house to watch. The landlord was fine with people coming to her house to watch the magic box. It became her status and she loved the popularity she was getting. It was only after a few years did the television come into my mom’s home. It was a surprise to the family as my mom’s dad did not tell them he was getting it.

Being the sibling that was bullied the most, she did not have a lot of power choosing what to watch. However my mom still remembers the time where she would watch television after school, after telling a white lie to her parents that she finished her work. Waking up on Saturday morning to watch Mickey Mouse cartoons. When the television was on, everyone in her family would crowed around the sofa. My mom preferred the floor and she always sits really near the screen. In a way the television had played quite a grand role to my mother as she learnt how to speak English and Mandarin from watching the various of programs that were available.

After listening to all of this I started thinking about how television had changed its meaning in my family. For starters we have a wall……………………

We would plug my laptop through a projector and just project in on the wall. Whenever we wanted to watch something we would just download it. Television was made to entertain and inform the public of various topics. With the advancement of technology now, having the knowledge available just in the palm of your hands and having applications main to entertain us. Television has seemed to lose its unique edge. As a conclusion television has develop and transform greatly since my mother’s time. Even with the shift of technology television will always be present as people always like to fall back to the past.


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