Virtual Print EP.4 The Actual Idea

This is the last video for my project. The whole experience was great and I did manage to get a lot out of it. For my final video I did my very best in recreating the idea of using 3D printed objects as an interactive tool with the Oculus Rift. Although it is not exactly what I had in mind but it is close to it. In the video I had 3D printed out this guy


The game I had used to help convey my idea is called “Reus” a came developed by Abbey Games. In the game you are a bunch of giants (Sea, Swamp, Ocean and Rock Giant) That can manipulate the environment as you like. However mankind on the other hand you have no control of and from the environment you create mankind will develop from it.

So in the video I used “Oculus” in playing the game but instead of using a mouse I used the printed giant as the interactive tool in the game. With the knowledge and editing skills I have I did my best in making it as realistic as possible. I hoped you have enjoyed it and I shall leave you with a question to boggle your mind. Will Oculus team up with 3D printing in actually making something like this happen?

On a side note there is a place in the US that has made something very similar to this but instead of using 3D printed items they actually made the whole place as the interactive tool. It is called The Void heres a link if you are interested in finding more about it.

Once again hope you enjoyed it!



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