Will the world know that I like to eat?

Technology helps us leave a trail of information no matter where we go. However knowing that companies or government starts following theses trails and using the information from the trails for their own purpose scares us. Simply because we feel that it is an invasion of privacy. The things we post or share is something like a shout out to the world. We do it because it is an activity that has become a social trend. Sometimes we don’t even realize we did it because it slowly becomes a habit and society is supporting these actions. Nowadays anyone can see what you are doing and what you like. We are all under “SURVEILLANCE” whether if its form friends and family or governments and companies. We should start asking ourselves Is what im doing being monitored? Should I post my location? Should I instagram my favorite ice cream? The lesson here is think before you post because once its out there, it stays there!

Thanks for reading!

Things You Should Know #TYSK


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