I only got 1,000 likes?!?!? Something is wrong here

More and more people are using social media platforms to become micro-celebrities. The fact that everyone is doing it reinforces on this being an acceptable behavior. Not only that but we contribute as the audience because we to like and follow people who we believe are role models or peak our interest. When a person does not do these action we feel that somethings not right with them. Which brings an important question. Has social media, a tool that was suppose to help us meet and stay connected with people drive us away from what is really there? We are so fixated to what is on the screen that we sometimes forget to look what is actually around us. We take pictures of beautiful sceneries and post it on instagram with the caption “OMG loving the view” #amazing #colours #sogladtobealive but do we actually enjoy the scenery more or the likes coming in from the post.

Thanks for listening!

Things You Should Know #TYSK


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