Transmedia T-Virus


Transmedia is sending out one message across different channels. What I have used as an example of this post is Resident Evil. So did they manage to pull of a global audience?

Find out in this prezi!


Things You Should Know #TYSK


2 thoughts on “Transmedia T-Virus

  1. Hi Ivan!
    I really loved your prezi! Not only was it visually appealing, you also did a great job explaining transmedia. Although I’m not familiar with the examples you used, I was still able to understand your concepts.
    What did you mean in regards to the video game, allowing more depth to the characters? How do they differ from different media platforms?
    Well done 🙂
    – C


    • Hi Chloe!
      Well to answer your questions movies have a limited time frame to send their message to its audience. It is because of that limitation only the main character (Which in this case Alice from the movie Resident Evil) will have her background shown to the audience. While other characters background are just on the surface. However from playing the game it reveals more background and a stronger understating of the plot of the story. In other words the game allows more time to explain to its audience about minor details that can be relevant in making them more engage with the characters (Transmedia). As for the media platform question. It is actually the same because video games or in generally gaming. Is a media platform by itself. I hope I answered your question!


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