No One Is Safe From Remix


Remix has been a growing culture of mash-ups and entertainment. It is comprise of both pros and amateurs and it is only limited to the persons imagination. So here is my prezi mind map to help you understand this futuristic concept. Some of the remixes are long but it is worth it!

Things You Should Know #TYSK


2 thoughts on “No One Is Safe From Remix

  1. Thanks for your Prezi, I enjoyed your examples of different remixed content. However maybe you could have made the argument that you can remix or remediate any form of content, and that the same issues still apply to those as well as remixed songs. I believe this would create a more understandable concept of what remixing truly is. However that said your detail into the remixing of music is superb and your examples demonstrate your points exceptionally well. Additionally maybe some opinions/thoughts from an academic source could improve your explanation of remixing and how it might effect the public or the industries surrounding their respective content. All in all a great Prezi that I found very informative, thank you 🙂


  2. Good Prezi! I like the simplicity of this post – I find it’s too easy for Prezis to get complicated. Nice to see some context regarding remix culture, I think often people regard it as a recent invention and disregard the history of remix culture.


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