Just one more show…..


Watching TV series and movies have become something typical in people’s lives. People watch it for many different reasons. Some for entertainment and others to help pass the time. My group and I have decided to tackle the issue that we believe is becoming a threat to everyone. Does viewing television programs distract people from their regular exercises? We believe that it does. People make an excuse that they do not have time to exercise or is just too busy. However when it comes to their favorite TV show that they have been waiting for ages (Chua 2015). They have all the time in the world to accommodate it.

So for this blog post I had conducted an interview with one of my friend to see if our hypothesis is valid.

Individual: Female, age between 18-25

In a typical week, how much time do you spend watching TV or film?

Normally in a week I would watch more than 6 hours of shows. This week however was a bit more because recently I just got hooked on Game Of Thrones, Haha.

In a typical week, how much time do you spend exercising?

Around two to four hours. This week I actually worked out more because I had more activities to do this week.

 What types of exercise do you take part in?

DANCING! Love it! Currently I am learning hip hop and break dancing here in Wollongong. It works for me as I don’t feel like the time passes when I dance and I works up a good sweat.

What factors affect your decision to watch (or not watch) TV? Please choose all that apply.

I would watch shows when I am either bored or if it is just entertaining. However I am working and studying as well so my time is already really limited.

Would you rather watch a show or go exercise? (Bonus Question)

Personally I would rather exercise because I feel good after I exercise. I can always come back and watch my shows later. I also exercise with my fiends so they help motivate me to work out with them. When I work out with them time flies and I enjoy it!


From the interview it shows that TV shows and movies does not influence her that greatly in her weekly workout sessions. From just this interview it would have proven our hypothesis wrong but that is why we would need a bigger scope. Just by limiting this question to just a few people can throw the whole research. Overall from the interview it has help give me a base understanding on what are some of the answers we would be getting from our survey. So are peoples exercises routines affected by TV and Movies? The survey is at the bottom of the post. Help fill it up and contribute to our research!

Things You Should Know #TYSK


Chua, C, 2015, Top 10 Reasons You Should Stop Watching TV, Personalexcellence.co, http://personalexcellence.co/blog/top-10-reasons-you-should-stop-watching-tv/

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZGG2BDS (Original Questions)


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