So how many partners do you have?


After surfing the web and going through which article would be interesting to critique about. I came by this post on The Huffington Post (2015) title New Study Says Art School Students Have More Sex. The purpose of this article is basically trying to say that students studying in arts have a higher chance of having sex rather than those studying computer science and dentistry. Their survey was based upon 11,549 students. As a results they have concluded that majority of those who did not have sex came from people who studied computer science and followed by Physics and so on. The survey had also showed that by the time students are midway in their higher education they would have an average of 8.2 partners.

Now comes the critique part. First a little detail about the author. Harry Shukman had graduated from Cambridge with Arabic and French (Shukman, 2015), he is also an editor for Tab Cambridge (, 2010). With the data that has been posted we can see that this a quantitative research. After reading more about the article I begin to see that the purpose is slightly different then its original purpose. As at the end of the post they write that even though art people do have a higher chance in getting sex. Those in the profession of computer science and engineering have a higher pay than those of arts. I feel that the purpose of this article is not clearly stated as its content is not just about one issue.

The target audience for this post would be to the general public. Why do I say this is because this article is more of a general information and it does not battle on issues that others can consider useful. Even on how the post was posted. They use the word “unsurprisingly” when they were conducting this research. In other words the audience reaction towards this news would not be very shocking.

The method they use is another issue to be discussed. Although they have a large amount of people to participate in this survey they have failed to state where did they get these participants. Following an assumption this survey is based on British people. To make their research better they should try conducting these survey at different countries as well. So that the data collected would not be bias on just one location. They should also help state where they did their research for example at a University or at a high school. These small details helps create a stronger base for the research to become more credible. Also another issue I noticed was that the number of average partners they would have is 8.2. How can it be 8.2? Does that mean one of the partner is 0.2 of a person?

As a conclusion I think that more effort could have been placed into this research. Instead of New Study Says Art School Students Have More Sex they could restructure the research that can be more concerning to the audience.

Things You Should Know #TYSK

Reference, (2010). Harry Shukman | LinkedIn.

Shukman, H. (2015). Leeds is the best night out in the country.

The Huffington Post, (2015). Apparently Art School Students Have More Sex.


One thought on “So how many partners do you have?

  1. That is such a random area of research! I agree that the author’s deviation from the main issue (easily presumed from their already sensationalist title) is hazardous to maintaining a focused objective in their piece. Also of concern is the author’s academic background in relation to their topic of writing – language qualifications and sex relations research just don’t quite correlate! Overall, great work in targeting the flaws of this particular piece. And in address to the ‘8.2’ thing… I’m pretty sure there’s a logical explanation for that average, I just don’t know what that explanation is (and that’s why I don’t study maths, haha).

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