I Have A Voice So Hear Me Out

Do we realized how much power we actually have now thanks to technology advancement. Social media can be such a strong tool in exchanging ideas and passing on news. But do we realize that we have the ability to change and cause effect to our society with these tools? Here is my prezi mind map.

Hope it makes it clearer on how much an individual can make a difference.


Things You Should Know #TYSK


One thought on “I Have A Voice So Hear Me Out

  1. Hey, I wanted to look at your Prezi but that’s not the right link – it’s just giving me 404 page not found. If you go to Prezi’s homepage, log in, find the share icon on your Prezi and then make sure it’s set to “public” and copy the link that comes up in the box underneath public into this blog post then hopefully we’ll be able to see it! Let me know when you’ve fixed it up or if you need any more help 🙂

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