Research, Research and Oh wait Research!

I did my research for this week’s blog post requirement and by research I mean look at what everyone else has post, STILL COUNTS AS RESEARCH! Although I may need to browse a bit more hopefully I am on the right track.

I would be analyzing a little more on Nielsen, The Australian online landscape review. Firstly who is Nielsen? It is a research company that specializes in studying consumer trends and habits. Their research is also based on 100 different countries. The main goal of the company is to help businesses have the latest information so that they will be able to grow profitably (Consumer, R. 2015).

For this research Nielsen is focusing on how much time consumers spend online and which products or sites are most popular to the consumers. The data that they have collected has a very specific and in-depth collection. It ranges from time spent on the internet to which gender and which are group uses what website. Very detailed, very specific.

Screenshot (2)

(Image sourse: Page 2

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(Image sourse: Page 5

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(Image sourse: Page 8

The audience that would be interested in these data would be business that are interested in advertising their new product. Would come to this site and get data on which social media platform attracts the most people. According to this research it would be Facebook (Nielsen, The Australian online landscape review, Page 5). Journalist could also use the data that has been gather to make on article on “more people are going to the digital age and soon the old media would cease to exist”. Or other researchers that are researching on this topic can compare their data to see if it is accurate.

From this you can also see that this research is a quantitative research as it is heavily focused on numbers. However in this research there is something that is lacking and it is how they obtained their data. True they have given some amazing numbers and a lot of detail but how did they get the information? Did they do an online survey? Did they go and interview people to get the results? Was the information gathered via questionnaire? Nielsen is recognized for its mass research on trends and consumer behaviors but it is always important to show evidence in the research gathered. As it shows credibility and reliability.

How Nielsen arrange their data first started out with it having a general sense of what they have gathered and comes to a more specific information where they talk about the top ten sites for that topic, followed by age groups and ending it with which gender uses which site more. As a conclusion how they have presented their findings were excellent as it contain detailed information and the data was organized in straight forward way.

Things You Should Know #TYSK


Consumer, R. (2015). About Us | What Consumers Watch and Buy | Nielsen. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Mar. 2015].


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