Could I Borrow 5 Coinye Dollars?


What is crypto currency? Basically it is currency used in the digital world. An example of a crypto currency is Bitcoin (Investopedia, 2013). In January 2013 a new Cryptocoin player was coming into the game and it was called Coinye (Inspired from Kanye West name). However the celebrity himself was not too happy with this. Soon after the company was being sued for copyright infringement (Chen, C. 2014). On July 22 of 2014 Kanye had won the case and Coinye was shut down. The last post on the company’s website was “COINYE IS DEAD. You win, Kanye.”(Calder, R. 2014)

When something goes famous everyone wants to be the one to claim it as their own creation.

Another case is Lady Gagas meat dress. Many people saw this as such a weird dress but with Lady Gaga what’s not weird. Linder Sterling a visual artist had claimed that Lady Gaga had not given her credit as she was the one who wore the meat dress first (O’Hagan, S. 2014).



Who wore it better?

However people comment about her allegations and some even state that they were the first one to actually start wearing meat as a fashion (O’Hagan, S. 2014).

Screenshot (1)


We all strive for originality. We all want to be remembered in this world but then comes down to this question. Are we actually original? We are constantly being drowned by advertisements and society on what is cool and what is not. These are the things that actually influence us on our creativity. We may think that our work is original but I am sure someone somewhere has done something which is closely similar to your very own work. Even this post I am making may even be alike with another person’s post. As a conclusion copyright law needs to be changed. The law is suppose to help promote creativity and not restrict the freedom of people’s idea.

Thing You Should Know #TYSK


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