Sir Terry Pratchett, Loved Author, Alzheimer’s, Never Forgotten and Media Research #TYSK (Things You Should Know)


This subject has made my mind go nuts on what to do but hopefully I get it right. Recently there has been news popping about Sir Terry Pratchett, I personally found him on 9gag (here is the link but it got me thinking. Who is he? What happen to him? So I did a bit of digging and found out. He is a famous author of a well know book series called “Discworld”. What happen to him was that due to him having Alzheimer’s, he had recently passed away at the age of 66 (Lea, R. and Davies, C. 2015). To be honest I have never hear of him before but because of the media circulating this news around. I went and find out myself.2000

Which brings me back to what media research is all about. Basically it’s trying to discover something new (Roger D. 2013). As long as you can question it, you can investigate and find out more about it. Just like how I became curious about Terry Pratchett. We may not notice it but we do research on a daily basis. Simply because we have so many choices in life (Berger 2014, p. 14) that we want to make sure what we choose would be right. Most of the time. Also another part of doing a media research is to find out what people are interested in. Such as what do they listen too or what do they prefer to watch or even analysis the current pop trend.

Berger explains on some of the few methods people uses to do their research. A person’s research can be based upon everyday or scholarly research. Everyday research is use for more of a casual and flexible thinking. While scholarly is more to the theoretical side and more to logic. (Berger 2014, p. 18) There are also other options such as quantitative and qualitative. Normally I get these too mixed up so let’s make it simple.

Quantitative Focus on numbers Data that can be measured
Qualitative Descriptive Data can be observed but not measured

However the core of doing your research you must make a few things clear to yourself so that you would know which method would work for you. These few steps can help your research have a stronger foundation.

  • Know the purpose of your research
  • What content do you want to gather
  • Are the authors you are getting from credible
  • Who are your targeted audience for this research
  • Where do you stand in your topic or your positioning in your research
  • Where did you get your sources and evidence
  • Organized what you want to do with your findings
  • Finally don’t forget to draw a conclusion, analyse your findings and compare with your original purpose

Finally the aspect of media which I would like to research more on is how marketing and advertising methods are changing and becoming more interactive with the audience rather then it being a stagnate advertisement. As a tribute to Sir Terry Pratchett here is one of his most famous quotes.



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Lea, R. and Davies, C. (2015). Terry Pratchett, Discworld series author, dies aged 66. [online] the Guardian. Available at: [Accessed 14 Mar. 2015].

Quote image.

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