How are media industries, technologies, and audiences affected by convergence?


So what is media convergence? Basically it is how information is being spreader around in different forms of media. Not only is this affecting the different platforms but convergence is also affecting media industries and the audiences as well.


Industrial Side

Different industries had different affect by convergence, for example newspaper and magazine. It was during 1990s and early 2000s where convergence started to happen. Although newspapers and magazines reported about the up rise of this new media. They had very little preparation for it as they had felt that this new media would not be able to replace them. They were right. Digital media was not strong enough to knock them out but it did affect their readership as people started getting news faster than the industry can print them. Rather than dropping from the grid newspaper and magazines learn to adapt to this digital media convergent. Now news and magazines can be found online and there are even applications that can be downloaded to your phone so that you can read all the latest news.


Technology Side

We have moved from an analog system to a digital system and it keeps on growing. Technology back then were restricted and one way but due to the advancement of this technology we have gone past that state. From bulky phones to slim phones and from loud noisy connecting Internet tones to google fiber. Convergence has help change and develop technology so fast that our smartphones are able to access almost any information we want. From “how to cook fried rice” to “what is the latest upcoming movie”. Technology has changed how people gather what they need. Information is literary in the palms of our hands.


Audience Side

Due to how technology was like back then. Information was always one way and the audience are just there to absorb the information (passive). Due to technology convergence the people are now shifting to an active audience where they can comment, like and even give their emotional feedback on anything they want to. Nowadays people can post about their own feedback of a product they have use. Or even give critique on a movie and there are people that take what they say into account because they feel on what they say is reliable. THE PEOPLE SPEAKS FOR THE PEOPLE.

As a conclusion convergences has help bring all the different industries, technologies and audience as one. It has help change how information is being transfer. Now information is so liquid between them all and in the next couple of years it might change again. But all of these aspects are forever adaptable, so if it changes or not we just go with it and see where it takes us.


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